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And yet the silence

And yet…
We always try to make the words talk
And words play dead sometimes
A possum across the road
Runs from speed
The car freezes
Silence is back
But this time
The little bug is huge
With big popping eyes
And words?
Words haven’t said a thing yet
and yet the Silence.

B.O.M. imagen de pinterest.

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Thks Mmm.


Still remote,

the flame of day

appears to me

behind this dream.


l turn my head back,

and further back

l see a man,

sat on the stone of night.


There he is, withing,

despite all darkness

wondering who is that,

walking in his shadow,

dying of love,

laughing at death.


Laughter is a time,

it does not count

when fear betrays.


A sound rains

and the blue is sky.

Clarity is borne before, from

deeper blue and sadness.


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A Trail to You

A drop of day,

into the memory

I see,

the gray Sunday

remains forever,

like pigments from a city

on my fingers,

the nude body

your body.


The streets

like an extension of breath,

I breathe

until extinct.



from unseen feet,

the steps are invisible,

after all.


But a further sleep

is never a new horizon

just a gray Sunday

a whisper from the garden,

an infant laughter

chasing another

invisible ball.


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B.O.M. Imagen de la red.